Monday, 23 July 2007

Gwyn by Yuri Leitch: A review by Alex Langstone

Gwyn is a new book by long time friend and collaborator Yuri Leitch. Yuri has lived in the shadow of Glastonbury Tor for the past 5 years, and this superb new book is the creative result.

Yuri has thoroughly researched the legend of
Gwyn ap Nudd and his associations with Glastonbury Tor. He explores the Welsh origins of the legend, and looks at the Vale of Neath as Gwyn's ancestral home along with St Nectan's Glen in Cornwall, and interestingly discovers that Neath and Nectan are the same name, Nectan being the Cornish variant of Neath.

Yuri tells the story well, and draws us back in time, beyond the legends surrounding Gwyn and Glastonbury to reveal some of the original stories and puts it all in context, by re-telling the story of the Saxon invasion of Britain.

The book is beautifully bound and has exquisite illustrations by the author (a few of which are reproduced here) and an introduction by Paul Broadhurst. Gwyn is available as a beautifully produced numbered limited edition hardback direct from the publishers.

For me the best part of the book is the original, thought provoking and meticulous research that Yuri has done, and the results give us a fresh and interesting insight to the way that we approach the old gods of Britain. If more people, especially neo-pagans, fully researched the gods that they honoured, I believe that they would gain a far greater understanding of the true nature of the ancient and diverse living traditions of the islands that make up Britain.

Gwyn by Yuri Leitch is recommended reading, and whether you agree with Yuri's own vision of the past or not, this book should inspire you to look beyond the veil of ignorance and maybe gain a glimpse of what may have been? A brilliant job, Yuri!

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