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Psychic Questing

What is Psychic Questing?
A personal perspective by Alex Langstone.

There are several good articles on the web now that answer this question from a very broad perspective. These can be found on sites such as, and The Red Pill, to name a few. But I feel that I need to answer the question from a more personal point of view.

Having been involved in Psychic Questing since 1985, and having attended the first ever Psychic Questing conference in 1986 I feel that I am well placed to give some opinions. Also a new book I am writing called SPIRIT CHASER will detail a psychic quest of a very personal nature. In 1992 I published a little booklet called Bega and the Sacred Ring, which was an account of a quest that I found myself on with others, searching for the sacred centre of the British Isles (amongst other things!). This story forms the basis for SPIRIT CHASER.
St Bega's Bassenthwaite, one of the central sites in Spirit Chaser

The basis of the whole story is, however the phenomena of psychic questing. So what exactly do we mean by this? There is no easy, or short answer to this fundamental question. It can be many things to many people. The standard description seems to be that Psychic Questing can be thought to be a psychically driven treasure hunt. Using intuitively inspired thoughts and information for creative purposes, whether it be the search for hidden history, sacred artefact retrieval or a quest for enlightenment. Basically for me, it is a creative process that can enable each of us to enter the "dreamtime" of our own environment, by way of visions, dreams or direct psychic communication with the "spirit of place" (be they site guardians, gods/goddesses, elementals, saints, or any other beings?). With the aim of gaining knowledge, wisdom and experience to further our own understanding of our place in the universe. This can be achieved by way of a deeper understanding of the environment we live in. We can begin this deeper understanding using psychic questing techniques, and by becoming involved in our own psychic quests. Obviously we need to be open to experiences, energies and the like, and looking at my own psychic quests over the years, if you are open to experience, psychic talents will certainly emerge with time, practice and patience. Many people ask me if psychic questing is the same as "new age channelling". The answer is a categorical no!

One of the precepts of psychic questing is, as far as I see it, to be able to verify the psychic information (channelled information?) by extensive physical research. Most of what is published under the psychic questing banner uses this criteria. There are exceptions (eg. the Heritage material in the Green Stone story), but I would surmise that about 80% of all psychic information would need to be verifiable in some way to enable it to be a genuine psychic quest. If you are seeking inspired messages with no basis in any sort of verifiable reality then by all means go check out your local channelling group. If however you are interested in genuine psychic phenomena happening out and about in the landscape, where people are able to check the information, which in turn inspires you to continue with your quest, then Psychic Questing maybe for you?

The Jewel in the Crown apport, manifested
at St
Bega's on July 15th 1992

There has always been a fair amount of psychic (channelled) information which cannot be authenticated by research. This material generally gets left out of any published material, unless it is felt that it would genuinely distract from the re-telling of the questing adventure. This information should always be presented as inspired and poetic, rather than verifiable fact. You will see type of work interspersed within the pages of SPIRIT CHASER, when it is published later this year. At heart I am a poet, and this material often gets used in my poetical ramblings, some of which will be evident in SPIRIT CHASER, and more of which will be seen at a later date in LUCIFER BRIDGE (an anthology of psychically inspired poetry). A lot of modern quests seem to involve the finding of artefacts that are symbolic in some way to the unfolding story. I have had direct experience of this phenomena, and this is where a lot of criticism is directed at psychic questing. I believe we need to look at Quantum Physics to be able to better understand what is going on behind the vast majority of these artefact retrievals. In my experience, all the artefacts I have retrieved have been apports. (The materialisation of objects by psychic means, from thin air.) I look at this in a little more depth in SPIRIT CHASER.

"When something inspires you, you may want to write something down about the inspiration. Or maybe investigate the inspiration. Or maybe keep a journal of ideas about the inspiration?" This best describes the beginnings of a psychic quest. The rest is up to the individual.

Be inspired!

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