Friday, 10 August 2007

Earth Mysteries childrens stories by Cara Louise

by Cara Louise.
Cover illustration by Yuri Leitch.

Near the village where Edward lives is a great rock face in which he can see the figure of a mysterious lady. Her appearance changes from a laughing young girl in spring to the mother of fruit and grain at harvest time, to a barren, wizened hag in winter. When a greedy landowner decides to quarry the rock, Mother Earth proves in a dramatic way that she is mightier than man.

22 page booklet for readers aged 9-12. £2.50 including post and packing.
Order by sending an email to: Paypal, cheque or postal order.

by Cara Louise.
Cover illustration by Yuri Leitch.

Mysterious Park Wood gives Sally the chance to escape from the hassles of school. But when the woods are threatened by plans to build a hypermarket, the strange serpent-spirit of the land begins to stir. Sally must listen to the voice of the woods and rally her friends to take on the might of the local council and big business. This story is set in Park Wood, in the Glastonbury Zodiac. The cover illustration is by Yuri Leitch who has just brought out his own new book on Glastonbury.

Special limited edition - 25 copies only.
£2.50 inc. p&p. Order by sending e-mail to . Paypal, cheque or postal order. 21 page story for readers aged 7-11.

by Cara Louise.

Cover illustration by Yuri Leitch.

Biffy understands the mysterious beings who live inside the ancient burial mound near his home. When Jacko and his gang begin to use the mound as a scrambling ground for their motorbikes, Biffy’s warnings of trouble come dramatically true.

20 page story for re
aders aged 7-11.
£2.50 including p&p. Order using Paypal, cheque, postal order by e-mailing Limited edition - 25

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