Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Orbs, another take on a controversial paranormal conundrum!

My article Orbs: dust, pollen insects or just plain paranormal? has provoked some interest.

Sam Williams from the Orbfinder website has taken an interest and generally agrees that further research is needed. Her own website is full of interesting Orb photographs. Sam is now actively seeking Orbs, and is experimenting with dust and different sites and cameras to see what "results" she can achieve. The website is open minded and interactive and is seeking debate.

Check them out at

Photos: Right -Castlerigg orbs at dawn.

Below: 1980's psychic research group New ERA visit the North Essex Saffron Walden Turf Maze. Is that a very young me in the centre? (Pic. credit: Claire Capon-Hawley)

The next image is from a Summer Solstice Druid gathering in West Cornwall in 1996.

For more debate and recent research on Orbs see Ross Hemsworth's excellent new book The Dead are Talking

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  1. Interesting and thoughtful site. Seeing your post on orbs reminded me of a place a visited last year and the photos others had taken there. Here's a link if you're curious:

    I'm new to this path of--not sure what to call it yet. But it's great to know there are others out there who share a similar path.


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