Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Sea Henge: 8 years on...

To coincide with the news that what is left of the Sea Henge monument is to be displayed in the Museum of Kings Lynn by Easter 2008, I have taken another look at this controversial and interesting topic with the help of East Anglian corespondent Jane Cook.

In the spring of 2050 BC, a huge oak tree was felled and its stump upturned and half-buried on a site near to what is now Holme-next-the-Sea in Norfolk. The following year, a number of smaller oaks were felled and cut into 56 posts, which were arranged in a circle around the central stump. The Bronze-Age monument, said by some modern archaeologists to be among the most exciting ever discovered, may have formed some kind of religious site, associated with special astronomical significance.

Both the circle and the people who built it were long forgotten before the land on which it stood became submerged by the sea. Its existence had vanished even from folk memory until, almost 4,000 years after its construction, the shifting sands off the East Anglian coast moved again to reveal its presence. The ancient site quickly became known as Sea Henge, and was soon to become very controversial, as English Heritage decided that they were going to remove it and conserve it miles away from its location. Druids and Pagans quickly organised sit-in protests against English Heritage's decision, and a bitter war of words raged right up to the point of removal.

Agreement was eventually reached over the future of the 'henge' and, in the summer of 1999, it was finally recorded and removed to the Flag Fen Bronze Age Centre, near Peterborough. There, as well as being preserved, the ancient timbers were subjected to detailed tree-ring dating. It was from these that a precise date was arrived at for the felling of the trees that make up the Sea Henge circle. The tree rings gave three possible dates, which were narrowed down to just one – 2050 BC – after comparisons with a series of carbon dating tests. The time of year – between April and June – was obtained by an examination of the final growth ring of the main stump, which showed that the tree had been felled in the spring. For further information on the area and Sea Henge visit:


The newly refurbished Kings Lynn museum will be the permanent home of the iconic sea henge monument. All the timbers have undergone specialist conservation at the Mary Rose Trust in Portsmouth. Work has included immersing the timbers in a liquid wax solution, which replaced the water and supported the cell structure. The timbers were then freeze-dried to remove any remaining water. The display is set to be completed and open to the public at Easter 2008.


A report by Jane Cook

During the Sea henge debacle I was living in Suffolk so I could follow events on the local news that probably never reached the rest of the country. Although I couldn't go to Holme, I managed to contact an elderly gentleman who had lived in the area all his 90 odd years. He said the stumps had been successively covered and uncovered by the sea and sand for as long as he could remember and they had not been significantly worn away. He was furious at what he saw as the interference of English Heritage, insisting the Henge was part of the area and should stay there.

I then contacted English Heritage and put to them that, once removed from their original site, the timbers became nothing but that: lumps of wood. I tried to explain the significance of the placing of such items; the fact that it was done as a form of "earth acupuncture" to modify energy lines in particular places, often in order to avoid undesirable effects. I was met with a response that was little short of abusive. The removal of the timbers went ahead, and they were taken to the Flag Fen Centre in order to undergo archaeological conservation.

Over the following months several news items appeared which I doubt many but myself connected with Sea henge. However, I have never believed in coincidences, and the location of a succession of freak accidents in that area seemed to me significant. One such was the disappearance to two highly experienced sailors - life boat men - who were delivering a boat they had built. They had left in calm weather to travel a few miles along the coast but they never arrived.

The ultimate bizarre event was when the Flag Fen Centre burned down, during January 2000, leaving undamaged only the building that housed the tanks containing the Sea henge timbers. Despite a thorough investigation, a cause for the fire could not be established.

Last week I saw on the news that the Sea henge timbers are finally going on display. What a pointless exercise! Even leaving aside the spate of accidents, surely the resources of English Heritage could have been far better spent.

What do you think? Please let us know.

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Orbs: Dust, pollen, insects or just plain paranormal?

A personal view by Alex Langstone.
Part 1.

I have been involved in paranormal investigation and psychic questing for over 20 years, and during that time I have experienced many things that I would perceive as being paranormal in origin. Originally a confirmed believer in my twenties, then for many years a complete sceptic, in recent years I have learned to just accept the many strange and unusual things that occur, as I now firmly believe that trying to prove that paranormal phenomena exists is a fruitless and in many ways a pointless exercise.

There has been absolutely no scientific move forwards within parapsycology for many years now. The scientists just continue to be sceptical and obstructive. They dismiss everything as either coincidence or as having a normal origin (as opposed to a paranormal one!) I therefore want to put forward this article about the “Orb phenomenon”. It is just my opinion, and has absolutely no scientific basis at all.

Since we do not know what orbs truly are, it just seems that they are to be found mainly in areas where there is or has been paranormal activity. In my experience on an average paranormal investigation or field trip there are about 10 people using 10 different cameras, 35mm and digital, and many speeds and brands of film. They all get their film developed at separate places. Let's say only about half of these people get some orb photos. Are these water spots or dirt on the lens? That would mean that 5 people all had similar dirt on their lens and all 5 did not clean their lens either. Are these orbs film processing errors? Well the 35mm cameras probably had their film developed in different locations and used different film so that is unlikely. The digital cameras don't have film-processing errors, for obvious reasons!

I am aware that some people feel that the orbs on a digital camera are an error in the digital processing of the image. When that error does occur in digital photos, the objects tend to be square in nature, not round and they cannot be semi-transparent, the pixel behind would have to be corrupt
ed also.

So what about dust and dirt being stirred up? Can that be the cause of the orbs? Well possibly some orb photography can be explained away as dust, but if that were the case always, I would tend to think that there would be lots of orb photos in a sequence of photos from the same camera and location. In my experience, this is not the case. All of the shots in a sequence should have the dust or dirt in it, and therefore orbs in the photos too! I have found in the majority of cases that orb photos do not appear in consecutive photography. All photographers present in a n investigation should get orbs if it is dust being stirred up. So what are Orbs?

One popular orb theory is that the orb is the energy being transferred from a source such as power lines, heat, batteries and so on. Energy like a globule of water in zero gravity is drawn together to form a sphere. Orbs may also have something to do with human bio-energy and may be an effect of the energy of the aura. I have certainly seen orbs around people's heads on the odd occasion, both using photography and whilst giving healing. Another theory is that they could be ghosts beginning to manifest, or spirit entities of the sites being photographed, or some other unknown energy or paranormal presence. Alternatively they could be produced by light reflecting off water droplets, dust or insects. Nearly all of the orb photos I have in my collection have been caught at special places of spiritual significance or at a sacred sites in the British landscape. So lets have a look at some of the photographic examples and see if we can work out what may be happening?

This photograph was taken on the 29th September 2006 on the shore of Lake Bassenthwaite in Cumbria. It was a dull afternoon, but the flash was turned off. Are they water droplets falling from the tree? It had been raining, so maybe. Orcould they be something else? Perhaps we have captured the life energy of the tree itself or the spirit of place beginning to manifest? It is for you to decide.

This next image (right) was taken the same afternoon at the same site, but under a different tree. It shows myself, and psychic and researcher Carole Young. We were in the area taking photos for my book Spirit Chaser. Was the orb caused by water, or was it something paranormal?

The image (left) of me and my partner under the same tree (as second image) taken four minutes later than the first image. (We had taken other photographs between these two, which showed no orbs at all). The orb appears to be very similar to the first one, and markedly different to the larger one taken one minute before this image in the same location. What is going on then? We were all just mucking about taking snaps after a busy few days of more serious photography. I have been to this location many times, and never before have I caught a single orb on camera here, despite having taken many photographs of the area. Also it should be noted that much paranormal activity has been recorded over the years at this site, this will all be made public in my new book Spirit Chaser, which will be out soon.

The next image was taken in a friends garden in Somerset on 17th June 2005 at 6.25 pm. It was a sunny evening, and we were just relaxing in the sun both before and after the photograph was taken. Jane, who's garden it was, had just told us that she felt sure that this area of her garden was where the garden elementals lived. It should be said that Jane is a psychic and a healer, and is very open to strange phenomena. However we didn't expect to capture anything on camera, but were delighted when we did! Can anyone explain what may have caused this one, or is it a horticultural paranormal experience?

This image was taken at the ancient holy site of Madron Celtic Baptistry, Boswarthen, Cornwall on 16th July 2005 at 11.09 am. Again it was very sunny. I was on my own, and nothing was seen in the well chamber before the photo was taken. This is the only double orb that I have in my collection. And the only photo I have seen where two orbs overlap.

I will post another article and more interesting photo's on this site in due course. Including orbs that have seemingly appeared to order, and an orb that seemed to open the fabric of time and space itself. Watch this space folks!

Friday, 10 August 2007

Earth Mysteries childrens stories by Cara Louise

by Cara Louise.
Cover illustration by Yuri Leitch.

Near the village where Edward lives is a great rock face in which he can see the figure of a mysterious lady. Her appearance changes from a laughing young girl in spring to the mother of fruit and grain at harvest time, to a barren, wizened hag in winter. When a greedy landowner decides to quarry the rock, Mother Earth proves in a dramatic way that she is mightier than man.

22 page booklet for readers aged 9-12. £2.50 including post and packing.
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by Cara Louise.
Cover illustration by Yuri Leitch.

Mysterious Park Wood gives Sally the chance to escape from the hassles of school. But when the woods are threatened by plans to build a hypermarket, the strange serpent-spirit of the land begins to stir. Sally must listen to the voice of the woods and rally her friends to take on the might of the local council and big business. This story is set in Park Wood, in the Glastonbury Zodiac. The cover illustration is by Yuri Leitch who has just brought out his own new book on Glastonbury.

Special limited edition - 25 copies only.
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by Cara Louise.

Cover illustration by Yuri Leitch.

Biffy understands the mysterious beings who live inside the ancient burial mound near his home. When Jacko and his gang begin to use the mound as a scrambling ground for their motorbikes, Biffy’s warnings of trouble come dramatically true.

20 page story for re
aders aged 7-11.
£2.50 including p&p. Order using Paypal, cheque, postal order by e-mailing Limited edition - 25