Tuesday 22 December 2009

Lucifer Bridge Poetry Anthology

The debut poetry collection from Alex Langstone will be available to purchase from January12th 2010. The book promises to be packed with some of the author's most stunningly descriptive and evocative poetry, along with beautiful artwork and photography by some of today's leading occult illustrators.

The Last Angel by Nicholas Roerich

A personal view by Alex Langstone

The front cover features
The Last Angel by renowned Russian mystical artist and philosopher Nicholas Roerich. It was painted in 1912, and is representative of the feeling of the era just before the first world war, where prophets and visionaries saw the madness of the world closing all around. I chose the cover art, not because of it's pervading sense of gloom, but for it's profound visionary appeal. Roerich the visionary mystic painter, along with many of his contemporaries felt this sense of disaster around in the early 20th century. There are many echoes of this today in the early 21st century. The doom and gloom of the 2012 prophecies, the crazy materialistic secular society we live in, conspiracy theories, suicide bombers, corrupt governments everywhere, crazy fundamentalist religions, fascism; the list goes on and on. But there is hope! Within the darkness of humanity there is a spark of beauty and creativity that hosts the divine peaceful and nurturing spirit of the universe. Through my writing, I hope many will glimpse this beauty of the natural world, be uplifted by it and come to realise that we need to try to foster a positive optimistic outlook, where each of us are free to express our own spiritual voice. Therefore the last angel becomes morphed into a being of transformation, light and hope, who leads us along the shimmering pathway to where we each need to be!

The write up below is from the back cover.

Lucifer Bridge is the debut poetry collection by Alex Langstone. Featuring modern poetry of a surreal, mystical, esoteric, and romantic nature, partly inspired by the diverse beauty of the British landscape and also by the dark visionary esoteric-poetic adventures of the author. Alex Langstone has previously seen his work in print through various publications including The Heritage Journal, Meyn Mamvro, Poetry Cornwall and The Mirror of Isis, and in anthologies published by Forward Press. This debut collection, hand picked by the author, promises to inspire, excite, delight and stimulate!

The Last Angel is reproduced with kind permission of The Nicholas Roerich Museum, New York, USA.

Lucifer Bridge is available to buy from this website.
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