Tuesday 7 February 2017

Menhir: A poetic invocation of the Cornish landscape

I am very pleased to announce that my brand new poetry collection is now available. This little fifty-eight page anthology contains twenty-one poems, which take you on a journey into the heart of the hidden realms of Nature. The poetry explores some of the haunted coombes, enchanted woodlands, ancient sites, mysterious moors and secret coastlines of the wild and remote Cornish landscape. Enter into the liminal places where the genius loci awaits rediscovery.

The book is lavishly illustrated throughout by Paul Atlas-Saunders, and his beautiful watercolour 'From Treslea' is featured on the cover.

Below is a sample poem along with the illustration which accompanies it.


Liminal movement  
By the darkened hedge                                  
From the threshold of night,                   
Floating in time                                      
Branches dance,                                         
Teased by the forest crown                         
Eyes peering from the                                   
Dense blackness.                                
Something stirs                                              
A quickening                                               
There are no stars tonight                                   
Just a low dense mist                                             
Rising from the valley floor.

Solitary vistas give way to                     
The antlered red beast                         
As he leaps over the ancient ramparts 
Into my path.                                                 
Time slows, eyes meet                              
Infinite possibilities tonight on                     
The hilltop settlement of                               
The ancient ancestors.                                
He quickly disappears again                 
Heading back into his                         
Woodland realm                                 
Continuing his solitary                        
Journey to the river.


Perfect-bound Paperback, with black and white illustrations throughout. 10.8cm x 17.48cm
ISBN 9780956355447

£5 plus shipping

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