Friday, 28 December 2007

New online gallery

A new online gallery of selected paintings and drawings from the last 10 years by artist and illustrator Paul Atlas-Saunders is now up and running. Click here to view.

Paul has had many of his illustrations featured on websites and in magazines over the years. Featured left is a sample of Paul's work entitled "Elen, Lady of Nature".

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Mysterium Artorius by Paul Weston

Reviewed by Alex Langstone

"Before going any further may we take it that the object of art is to obtain a partial revelation of that which is beyond human senses and human faculties – of that, in fact, which is spiritual? And that the means which we employ to induce this revelation are those very senses and faculties themselves?" Ralph Vaughan Williams

To review this book is to allow myself to indulge in some of my favourite pastimes. Enjoying the sublime and mystical qualities found within British classical music; reading the works of English novelist and historian Peter Ackroyd and an obsession with the sacred Arthurian landscape of the British Isles. For these are some of the central themes in this new book by Glastonbury visionary Paul Weston.

Paul has attempted to bring together some diverse historical, cultural and mythical themes and ideas which evoke Arthur, the Grail and a very British sense of place. We are introduced to Arthur as an archaic deity, dark age hero and Norman inspirer. We are then led on a grail journey through 12th century Europe, Dark Age heresies, Hermetic ideology, Sufism, the Templars and the building of the first Gothic cathedral in France. Paul then leads us to Glastonbury via the politics, idealism and esoterica and we end up visiting Tintagel, mystical jewel of North Cornwall - and a place very close to my own heart.

Upon entering Paul's Tintagel of the Heart via the famous and evocative Arnold Bax tone poem Tintagel, we are led into some of the deeper and less well known tales from the small North Cornish parish, inlcuding the Rudolph Steiner connection. From here we return to Avalon and delve into the Glastonbury Zodiac of Katherine Maltwood, and if by this point you are wondering where the proverbial kitchen sink is lurking; be assured that this is not a coffee table journey. Mysterium Artorius is a fine poetic evocation of many of the high points relating to the Matter of Britain, or as Paul calls it (borrowed, but modified from Ackroyd) British Music!

Dion Fortune's Avalon of the Heart and John Cowper Powys' A Glastonbury Romance are entwined with the beautiful music of Ralph Vaughan Williams and Elgar, and the book ends with a Dion Fortune inspired path working called A Glastonbury Qabalah, where we are invited to enter the inner realm of Glastonbury Tor.

Paul Weston has produced an inspirational lyrical evocation of his personal mythic, artistic and poetic vision of Albion, and because of this, the book is a great starting point for your own journey into the hidden heart of Britain.

A thoroughly enjoyable read. Click link below to buy your copy now.