Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Natural Healing

Following on from a brief post about healing through email and blogging, posted on one of my favourite blogspots The Diary of a Hope Fiend, an entertaining and thought provoking blog by my good friend Chandira, I thought I would re-post this:

Our Iseum of Bega of the Gifts offers distant healing and prayers for anyone in need. Just email us for details of our distance healing programme and attunement times. We use a blend of Reiki and western healing methods, and are dedicated to honouring all as sacred before the Divine. Bega of the Gifts is an official Iseum of the Fellowship of Isis.

Anyway, check out Chandira's blog by clicking the bold highlighted link above, and contact us for healing through our Iseum.

Moving this on a little more, Chandira is going to help to spread the word through her Diary of a Hope Fiend blog, and between our two blogs we hope to be able to spread a little love and divert some healing energy help to where it may be required through attunement and distant healing. Leave a post or email me to request this service.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Carole Young Exclusive Interview

An exclusive interview with long standing quester, astrologer and psychic Carole Young is now available to view on Esoteric Explorer - the Psychic Questing Blog. Take a look, and read some interesting psychic questing social history.

Click here to view.