Sunday 3 May 2009

The Stone Circles of Cumbria

A great new lavishly illustrated guide to the stone circles of the English Lakes has recently been published. It fills a huge gap in the market, and as I have recently returned from the region I thought I would review the work for posterity!

A Guide to the Stone Circles of Cumbria
by Robert W. E. Farrah

This new guide book is an absolute gem. Loads of photographs and references, including map references are given to all the major and lesser known stone circles of Cumbria. The author talks about the sites within the wider context of the sacred landscape, and writes with passion and knowledge of his subject.

Site plans are included, both from the past, and new ones and detailed information is given on how to get to each site, which is essential for the more remote monuments.

New interpretations are discussed and landscape alignments put to the test. The only downside to the book is the physical size of the volume, which prevents it from being taken out in the field! For anyone wanting to explore the ancient past of the Lake District, this book is a must, and for folk interested in the Earth Mysteries of Cumbria, it is a welcome publication.

Highly recommended!

166 pages. Hayloft Publishing. £20.00. ISBN-10: 1904524532. ISBN-13: 978-1904524533

Photos: Blakeley Raise stone circle (NY 0601 1403) and Long Meg (NY 5711 3721)

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