Sunday 31 January 2010

Lucifer Bridge Reviewed

Brand new poetry anthology Lucifer Bridge has received a fantastic review in the latest issue of The Mirror of Isis. Click here to read the review. To celebrate, here is one of the poems from the book reproduced below along with some great illustrations, which are not in the book, but fit nicely with the themes of the poem.

Above: A Mermaid by J. W. Waterhouse. 1901

Sea Girl!

Circling, circling
Over loud!
The Sea Girl
Singing, singing proud
On the old sea-front
With salt-spray crowning
The sirens calling
The dead men drowning!

With outstretched wings
The girl flies near
Hunting dinner
She instills loathing fear!
Art Deco splendour
All around
Fading into oblivion
Without a sound...

Sea Girl rises
Arise with thee
From the watery depths
She follows me
Around the dockland
With a deathly cry
I take my leave
From the home of thy!

Hidden Nature
Within all of me
My heart-song quickens
With intensity
Insanity creeping,
Creeping round
Whilst the Sea Girl
Feeds on insanity found!

With your stretched out wings
And your fish-like tail
Beautiful Sea Girl
Morphs on the wind and waves
Mythological creature
From the deep
By the Celtic Sea,
She seems never to sleep.

Above: Penzance Sea Gulls by Sarah Jenner

If you enjoyed the poem, there are 29 others waiting to be discovered in Lucifer Bridge, along with stunning artwork and photography by some of the most talented contemporary occult artist in Britain today.

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